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Confederate Units, States, and Counties
Come on in and see what "Oh, For a Touch of the Vanished Hand" has to offer! Simply click on the flags below, or on the linked titles at the bottom of this page. Either will take you to a state page that lists the units that my manuscript covers; if you are researching that unit, you seriously should obtain a copy of the book to see what the unit experienced. Additionally, the link lists counties & parishes that were relevant to my work, plus includes a map for your reference; if you had ancestors there, you need to see my endnotes & bibliography--it's an easy way to discover what resources are available for that county.
 I guarantee you, you have never seen a book like this one before; if you are researching Southern or Confederate ancestors, you should buy this book for the bibliography alone!

It's full of information relevant to historical and genealogical researchers interested in Georgia Alabama Mississippi Louisiana Texas  Florida  & Virginia

Here's what one reader thinks about how this book can help you in your search to understand your own ancestors' experiences:
     "I am on my second reading. . .and find that the information on the different Confederate units is so detailed that you can almost follow the units on a day to day basis. I feel that this book is a must for anyone who had ancestors who served in any of the units mentioned."

     - Bobby C. Smith, Upson County, Georgia, Historical Society

Georgia Confederate Units & Counties
Alabama Confederate Units & Counties
Florida Confederate Units & Counties
Mississippi Confederate Units & Counties
Louisiana Confederate Units & Parishes
Texas Confederate Units & Counties
Virginia Confederate Units & Counties